Feedback and Information Requests. Anyone can send to this list, and a WAPA representative will contact you as appropriate.

WAPA Member Announcements: This list is used for member-only announcements. Paid-up WAPA members are automatically added to this list. WAPA Members are allowed to post with moderation and replies are directed to the Unicom list for discusion

Announcements concerning Worcester Airport: This list will be used by WAPA to forward announcements that are only of interest to based pilots and users of Worcester Airport. It is a moderated list, and all messages require approval before being sent.

WAPA Member to Member Communications: Unmoderated list for WAPA Members to talk with other WAPA Members.

WAPA Announcements: This list is used for general announcements by the Worcester Area Pilots Association. Anyone interested in WAPA activities in the greater Worcester area is welcome to subscribe to this list. This list is very low volume and posting is restricted to WAPA officers.

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